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H3-LV High Volume

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H3-LV High Volume 096-028015

Comptible with RC3 Series centrifuges, 3200 RPM, 1938 xg


Catalog No. 096-028015

Model H3-LV High Volume

Max. Speed: 3,200rpm

Max. g-force: 2,000xg

k factor: 42,711

Warranty: 15 Years

Rmax 169mm

Rmin 95mm

Will Spin in J6 Series

H-3 Large Volume with Microplates: Pelleting Cells, spining down liquid, precipitating particles, processing samples through filters.
H-3 Large Volume with Adapters: Isolation of cells, collection of plasma from blood, harvesting subcellular organelles, collection of physiological fluids for diagnostic tests.

O Ring Refresher Kit 021-028015

Compatible with: Sorvall RC-3B, Sorvall RC-3BP, Sorvall RC-3C


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