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DJB Labcare Ltd - Installation, operational and performance qualification

As a supplier of laboratory equipment DJB Labcare has recognised the increasing need for companies to have IQ OQ and PQ
documentation to support their quality systems and validations, all of our laboratory equipment qualification services are provided
on site to help achieve and maintain compliance. This is a full documented process supplying reports for the installation,
operational and performance qualification of your equipment.

Installation qualification (IQ) establishes that the equipment is delivered and installed in accordance with the manufacturer requirements.

● Installed in a safe and suitable environment for its usage.
● Review hazards and safety precautions for area of use including materials that may come into contact with the instrument and personnel.
● All equipment, software, spare parts, accessories are in good condition and fit for purpose.
● Documentation is complete (operating manuals, maintenance instructions, standard operating procedures for testing, safety and validation certificates).
● All modules power up and perform an electronic self-test.

Operational qualification (OQ) demonstrates that an instrument will function according to its operational specification within the installed environment.

● Microprocessor electronic self test
● Lid lock operation
● Excessive vibration check
● Imbalance cut-out operation
● Brake function test
● Speed calibration test with UKAS Stroboscope

Performance Qualification (PQ) offers documentary evidence that the instrument is working consistently to its agreed values.

● PQ would form part of a routine PM service visit with calibration, this is carried out to customer specifications on scheduled basis to ensure consistent results.
● Certificated calibration test of the equipment - Speed, Time and Temperature ( if applicable )
● Imbalance check

IQ/OQ/PQ qualifications are available for a range of laboratory equipment, please contact the office for details and a quotation

Equipment covered:

Refrigerated Centrifuges
Fridges, Freezers
CO² Incubators
Rotor Shakers
Orbital Shakers

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