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Customer Surveys and Feedback

At DJB Labcare Ltd we endeavour to provide our customers with the highest possible quality of service and are continually looking for ways to improve it.

As an ISO 9001:2008 accredited company we follow each service visit with a simple customer survey, they are asked to rate us on our performance.

This system is automated and web-based; the summary provided on this page is collated in real time.

Customer Satisfaction Survey (Service)

(survey responses pie chart)

All responses

61.7% Excellent
31.4% Very good
6.5% Satisfactory
0.3% Unsatisfactory
0.0% Poor

DJB always provide excellent service for us. 2020-01-20

quick response, very useful! 2016-04-13

Engineers have always been friendly and flexible, and able & willing to offer realistic advice. 2019-11-25

Between Steph O'Dell & Grace Cosby, they could not do enough for me. Excellent service from them. 2019-08-08

Great bunch of lad's and lady's. 2011-11-10

Thank you for your service which is prompt , professional , reliable , helpful and friendly . Cannot be faulted and a pleasure to deal with . Would recommend DJB Labcare to everyone . 2014-06-26

I have used many service/calibration suppliers over the years - this is the first time I have used DJB Labcare and I have been very impressed with how quickly they responded to my enquiry and level of knowledge they have and service level provided. 2016-07-21

As always excellent service right through from service reminder to completed job. Engineers and Service team always happy to answer any questions and give valued help and advice . Thank you 2016-06-14

Service was quick and efficient, all the details provided were correct and organised. Engineer was knowledgeable and flexible enough to be able to work around our schedule and analysts.
Overall very pleased. 2019-09-13

Quick response time 2019-02-13

Telephone response time

(survey responses pie chart)
58.3% Excellent
33.8% Very good
7.5% Satisfactory
0.2% Unsatisfactory
0.2% Poor

Service team's knowledge and understanding of your requirements

(survey responses pie chart)
63.3% Excellent
32.5% Very good
4.0% Satisfactory
0.2% Unsatisfactory
0.0% Poor

Response to your request within an acceptable time frame

(survey responses pie chart)
63.1% Excellent
30.5% Very good
5.4% Satisfactory
0.9% Unsatisfactory
0.2% Poor

Quality of the workmanship

(survey responses pie chart)
68.9% Excellent
27.5% Very good
3.3% Satisfactory
0.3% Unsatisfactory
0.0% Poor

Value for money

(survey responses pie chart)
37.7% Excellent
41.6% Very good
20.1% Satisfactory
0.5% Unsatisfactory
0.0% Poor

Help and advice from our engineers

(survey responses pie chart)
72.8% Excellent
23.4% Very good
3.6% Satisfactory
0.2% Unsatisfactory
0.0% Poor

Overall experience of DJB Labcare Ltd

(survey responses pie chart)
63.4% Excellent
31.6% Very good
4.8% Satisfactory
0.2% Unsatisfactory
0.0% Poor

Likelihood of recommending DJB Labcare Ltd

(survey responses pie chart)
64.4% Excellent
31.3% Very good
4.3% Satisfactory
0.0% Unsatisfactory
0.0% Poor
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