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Sorvall RC-3BP

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Sorvall RC-3BP 56303

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The SORVALL® RC3BPTM Centrifuge System has been specifically designed to help you meet compliance demands easily and accurately without compromising productivity. In addition, the RC3BPTM is reliable, easy to use and equipped with many productivity enhancing features And you’re assured the same reproducible, trouble-free results you get from all SORVALL® centrifuges


FIBERLite Centrifuge Rotors

FIBERLite Rotors are up to 65% lighter, do not corrode or fatigue and have a lifetime warranty.

Equivalents for:

LAC-6000, LAC-250 and exclusives.

Listed below is the complete range of FIBERLite Rotors available for the Sorvall RC-3BP Centrifuge.




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Accessories for Sorvall RC-3BP

096-028015, H3-LV High Volume FIBERLite rotors

Comptible with RC3 Series centrifuges, 3200 RPM, 1938 xg

H3-LV High Volume

78560, F8S-6x1000y FIBERLite rotors

Compatible with Sorvall RC-3B, Rc-3C and RC-3BP Series


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