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Heraeus Biofuge Fresco

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Heraeus Biofuge Fresco 75005521

The compact refrigerated Biofuge Fresco microlitre centrifuges creates space in the laboratory. Even at maximum speed they operate extremely quietly. Short acceleration and braking times ensure rapid sample processing.


High performance

The brushless induction motor of the Fresco is extremely efficient. In 15 seconds, it accelerates the rotor to its maximum RCF of 16,060xg, which is sufficient for all standard applications. A "quick run" key is used for short processing runs.


The Fresco is a valuable aid in the small laboratory, where noise can be an issue and ensures whisper-quiet operation even at maximum speed.

Small footprint

Create space in your laboratory. Take advantage of the small footprint of the compact Biofuge Fresco, which can be integrated into any workplace. The low height of the Fresco casing makes it easier to load the rotor.

Biocontainment capabilities

The Biofuge Fresco is provided with both a snap-on lid and a biocontainment lid, which provides an effective seal against hazards, and which has been certified for biocontainment by the Centre for Applied Microbiology and Research at Porton Down, U.K.



Typical capacities

24 x Microlitre 0.2-2ml


Not currently available

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