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Heraeus Labofuge 400R (set) (Obsolete) Heraeus Labofuge 400R (set) (Obsolete) Heraeus Labofuge 400R (set) (Obsolete) Heraeus Labofuge 400R (set) (Obsolete)

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Heraeus Labofuge 400R (set) (Obsolete) 75008375

The Labofuge 400R is no longer available and has been superseded by the ST8R

Set includes swinging bucket rotor (75008179), four round buckets (75008172) and four aerosol tight caps (75008173).


Reliable, high-quality refrigerated centrifuge 4x180ml and 28 blood tubes per run. Includes rotor, cups and sealing lids. 2 year warranty

The Labofuge family of centrifuges have been designed as "function line" models. They combine outstanding Heraeus quality with high performance and utility, they are sturdy in design and can be used for a variety of applications.

Features and Benefits


Thanks to an extensive range of rotors and accessories, the Labofuge 400/400R can be used for practically all separations tasks: from highspeed centrifugation in microliter rotors to gentle sedimentation of animal cell cultures in "Falcon®-type" tubes.


A microprocessor-controlled protection system prevents samples from freezing in your labofuge 400R. For example, if samples are kept in the closed rotor chamber for an extended period of time after centrifugation, there is no danger of freezing despite standstill cooling.


Like all other Heraeus products, the sealed buckets have been certified for biocontainment by the Centre for Applied Microbiology and Research at Porton Down, U.K.

Additional Specifications

Control: "Megacontrol II" microprocessor control

Drive: Brushless induction drive

Temperature range: 0-40 (Labofuge 400R)

Noise level: <58 dBA

Dimensions (H x W x D): 340x625x600mm (13.4x24.6x23.6in)

Weight: 74kg (163.3 lb) for the Labofuge 400R

Electrical requirements: 120 V, 50-60 Hz or 230V, 60 Hz



Typical capacities

28 x Blood tube 4-7mm (13mm)

28 x Blood tube 7-10ml (16mm)

12 x Conical 15ml

4 x Conical 50ml

4 x Universal 25ml

4 x 96 well microplate


Available as Hire / Rent

Please call our sales office or request a quote online for pricing/discount information.

Accessories for Heraeus Labofuge 400R (set) (Obsolete)

75008179, Swing-out rotor, 4 x 180ml Centrifuge Rotors £1490.00

Swing out rotor, 4 x 180 ml, without buckets

Swing-out rotor, 4 x 180ml

75008177, Swing-out rotor for 2 x 2 microtitre plates Centrifuge Rotors

Swing-out rotor for 2 x 2 microtitre plates

Swing-out rotor for 2 x 2 microtitre plates

75008171, Haematocrit rotor, 24-place, with reading graph Centrifuge Rotors £608.00

Haematocrit rotor, 24-place, with reading graph

Haematocrit rotor, 24-place, with reading graph

75008178, DIN tube fixed-angle rotor Centrifuge Rotors £1501.00

Fixed angle rotor, for 18x15 ml DIN standard tube

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Professional Flight Case for safe and easy transportation

Centrifuge Carry Case

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