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2000 x heparinized capillary

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2000 x heparinized capillary A1071

2000 self-sealing heparinized capillaries 1.4 x 75 mm


These capillary tubes, which are also heparinized, no longer need to be sealed. They are already equipped with a seal. At first, the seal material is air-permeable so that the capillary can be filled. The seal will only become impermeable when it comes into contact with blood. Therefore there will be no leaks during centrifugation.

Compatible with: A2076, 24 Place Haematocrit Rotor, A1023, 24 place haematocrit rotor, A1450, 24 place haematocrit rotor, A1650, 24 Place Haematokrit Rotor


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