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Lab Sticker

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Lab Sticker AAA30551

Lab Sticker
200x200x5 / 7.9x7.9x0.2


Alternative to Flask clamps for securing vessels to a shaker platform

Compatible with: AAA30501, Universal platform 580x520mm, AAA30503, Universal platform 660x520mm, AAA30502, Universal platform 580x520mm, AAA30504, Universal platform 885x520mm, AAA31501-V1, Universal Platform, AAA31502-V1, Spring Wire Rack, AAA31503-V1, Universal Platform, AAA3A501, Universal Platform, AAA23501-V3, 35 x 35cm Universal platform for OS-3000, AAA23502-V3, 45 x 45cm Universal platform for OS-4000, AAA23503-V3, 75.5 x 52cm Universal platform for OS-7100 and OS-7200


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