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Jeio Tech SKC-6200 Jeio Tech SKC-6200 Jeio Tech SKC-6200

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Jeio Tech SKC-6200 AAH30125

Slim open-air [platform] shaker featuring an innovative triple-cam shaking system with compact design and superior fabrications. 50mm stroke.

Exclusive SKC shaker series can carry out the applications that demand heavy duty continuous operation, high reliability, and low maintenance in both laboratory and other operational environments.


Product features

  • Microprocessor PID controller provides feedback to motor to maintain constant speed during operation

  • Ideal DD (outer rotor direct drive) motor allows unique operation of heavy loads, is silent (no belt, brushless and gearless), maintenance free, delivers high torque at high speed, smooth rotation

  • Slim and low-profile desing (122mm tall) allows use for various applications for example usage in confined areas

  • Excellent chemical resistance and high productions standards for long life operation

  • Convenient universal platform exchange sliding

  • Triple cam system handles heavy loads and provides long maintenance-free operation with reduced vibration

  • Soft start features eliminates splashing of vessel contents

  • The shaker always stops the platform in the same position allowing for semi-automated sampling or dosing

  • A wide range of accessories are available for attachment of any flask or vessel

  • Unbalanced load sensor limits shaker motion when excess vibration is detected: visual/audible alarm signals

  • Adopted bright VFD display and capacitive touch sensor

  • Digital timer: 1min to 999hr 59 min, delayed ON/OFF

  • Maximum number of segments in one cycle is 20

  • Maximum number of cycles saved is also 20

Model specifications

  • RPM range: 10 to 500

  • RPM control at 100RPM: ± 1

  • Orbit size: 50.8mm

  • Platform dimensions option 1: 580 x 520mm

  • Platform dimensions option 2: 660 x 520

  • Overall dimensions: 582.8 x 618 x 122.2mm

  • Net weight: 65kg


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