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Heraeus Multifuge 1S

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Heraeus Multifuge 1S 75004311

1.6 litre capacity, this is the latest model in the Legend Series from Sorvall.


Refrigerated and non-refrigerated Multifuge 1S centrifuges offer the processing versatility, sample capacity and sheer value that today's busy laboratories demand. They spin more tubes, at higher RCF's, more rapidly than competitive instruments - and with five interchangeable biocontainment rotors available for a host of applications, Multifuge 1S centrifuges are equally at home in clinical testing, microbiology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and general laboratory environments.

  • 1.6 liter capacity for high volume processing

  • Thermo Scientific EASYsetTM soft-touch keypad or Thermo Scientific QUIKsetTM rotary knob control

  • Wide choice of biocontainment approved rotors, with adapters for all popular tubes

  • Thermo Scientific SMARTspin® Imbalance Detection System

  • Automatic rotor recognition

  • User-defined programs with EASYset models

  • Ergonomic low profile and soft-touch lid closure mechanism

  • Quiet, maintenance-free brushless drive

  • Accessory trolleys allow operation away from or under the bench



Typical capacities

40 x Blood tube 4-7mm (13mm)

40 x Blood tube 7-10ml (16mm)

32 x Conical 15ml

12 x Conical 50ml

20 x Universal 25ml

8 x 96 well microplate


Not currently available

Accessories for Heraeus Multifuge 1S

75002000, Swing-out-rotor TTH 400 Centrifuge Rotors £2330.00

4 place swing - out rotor without buckets. 4700rpm, 4618 x g.

Swing-out-rotor TTH 400

75002005, Bioshield 600 rotor Centrifuge Rotors £4680.00

Bioshield 600 rotor 4 place biocontained windshield rotor complete with 4 x 180ml...

Bioshield 600 rotor

75002006, Angle rotor 6x94ml/12x16ml Centrifuge Rotors £3250.00

FA 12.94 Highconic rotor 6 x 94ml Highconic rotor. 10,350 rpm, 15,040 x g.

Angle rotor 6x94ml/12x16ml

75002010, Microplate rotor MP 3300 Centrifuge Rotors £3450.00

MP 330 biocontained microplate rotor for 2 x 1 deepwell or 4 standard microplates....

Microplate rotor MP 3300

75003348, Microlitre rotor 48x1.5/2ml Centrifuge Rotors £2190.00

Microlitre rotor 48 x 1.5/2.0ml microlitre rotor. 15,000rpm, 24,573 x g.

Microlitre rotor 48x1.5/2ml

76000077, Legend T/ Multifuge 3 / ST 40 / ST4 Plus benchtop trolley Centrifuge tables

Benchtop trolley for the Legend Mach 1.6

Legend T/ Multifuge 3 / ST 40 / ST4 Plus benchtop trolley

76000078, Legend T/ Multifuge 3 underbench trolley Centrifuge tables £2420.00

Underbench trolley for the Legend Mach 1.6

Legend T/ Multifuge 3 underbench trolley

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