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F8S-6x1000y 76641

Comptible with Evolution RC centrifuges, 8000 RPM, 14049 xg


Catalog No. 096-061108

Model F8S-6x1000y

Max. Speed 8000

Max. g-force 14049

k factor 5096

Rotor Mass 15.19 kg (35.68 lbs.)

Liquid Containment Yes

Warranty: 15 Years

Will Replace SLC-6000

Will Spin In Evolution RC

Rmax 127

Rmin 54

Application This general purpose rotor can be used for extra large volume processing of particulate materials and debris in solutions as well as for bacteria and mammalian cells from cell cultures and subcellular organelles from tissue homogenates.

Refresher Kit 021-061108

Extraction Tool 017-061108

Lid O-rings 022-061108

Lid Assembly 099-061108

Compatible with: Sorvall Evolution RC


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