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Sorval Legend Mach 1.6-R

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Sorval Legend Mach 1.6-R 75004333

The Mach 1.6-R is no longer available and has been superseded by a fantastic new range of centrifuges. For more information please look at the brand new Thermo Scientific Sorvall ST 40R

1.6 litre capacity, this is the latest model in the Legend Series from SORVALL


Refrigerated and non-refrigerated Legend RM 1.6 Litre centrifuges offer the processing versatility, sample capacity and sheer value that today's busy laboratories demand. They spin more tubes, at higher RCF's, more rapidly than competitive instruments - and with five interchangeable biocontainment rotors available for a host of applications, Mach 1.6 centrifuges are equally at home in clinical testing, microbiology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and general laboratory environments.

  • Maximized versatility

  • Higher capacity and throughput

  • Simplified, reliable operation

  • Enhanced user safety

  • Reduced maintenance



Typical capacities

40 x Blood tube 4-7mm (13mm)

40 x Blood tube 7-10ml (16mm)

32 x Conical 15ml

12 x Conical 50ml

20 x Universal 25ml

8 x 96 well microplate


Not currently available

Accessories for Sorval Legend Mach 1.6-R

75002000, Swing-out-rotor TTH 400 Centrifuge Rotors £2330.00

4 place swing - out rotor without buckets. 4700rpm, 4618 x g.

Swing-out-rotor TTH 400

75002005, Bioshield 600 rotor Centrifuge Rotors £4680.00

Bioshield 600 rotor 4 place biocontained windshield rotor complete with 4 x 180ml...

Bioshield 600 rotor

75002006, Angle rotor 6x94ml/12x16ml Centrifuge Rotors £3250.00

FA 12.94 Highconic rotor 6 x 94ml Highconic rotor. 10,350 rpm, 15,040 x g.

Angle rotor 6x94ml/12x16ml

75002010, Microplate rotor MP 3300 Centrifuge Rotors £3450.00

MP 330 biocontained microplate rotor for 2 x 1 deepwell or 4 standard microplates....

Microplate rotor MP 3300

75003348, Microlitre rotor 48x1.5/2ml Centrifuge Rotors £2190.00

Microlitre rotor 48 x 1.5/2.0ml microlitre rotor. 15,000rpm, 24,573 x g.

Microlitre rotor 48x1.5/2ml

75000075, Legend RT/ Multifuge 3S-R benchtop trolley Centrifuge tables £2350.00

Benchtop trolley for the Legend Multifuge 3 S-R, 3 L-R or 1 S_R, 1 L-R

Legend RT/ Multifuge 3S-R benchtop trolley

76000076, Legend RT/ Multifuge 3S-R underbench trolley Centrifuge tables £2170.00

Underbench trolley for the Legend Mach 1.6R

Legend RT/ Multifuge 3S-R underbench trolley

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