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Beckman J-6 Series

Beckman J-6 Series

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J6, J6-B, J6-MI, J6-MC, and J6-HC


FIBERLite Centrifuge Rotors

FIBERLite Rotors are up to 65% lighter, do not corrode or fatigue and have a lifetime warranty.

Equivalents for:

JLA-9.1000, JS-3.0 / JS-5.2, JA-10, JA-14 and exclusives.

Listed below is the complete range of FIBERLite Rotors available for the Beckman J6 Centrifuge.




Not currently available

Accessories for Beckman J-6 Series

096-061010, F8B-6x1000y FIBERLite rotors

Compatible with J6 centrifuges, 6000 RPM, 7903 xg


096-028016, H3-LV High Volume FIBERLite rotors

Comptible with J6 centrifuges, 3200 RPM, 1938 xg

H3-LV High Volume

2 accessories, of 5 including subaccessories Show all...

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