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Dade products available

75006419, Dade Behring rack adapter

Centrifuge Adapters £281.00

Dade Centrifuge Spare Parts

Dade Centrifuge Spare Parts

Hettich EBA 21

Small Bench Centrifuges
Hettich EBA 21

Dade centrifuge service

DJB Labcare offers preventative maintenance for Dade laboratory centrifuges. We are an independent company, with large stocks of genuine replacement parts and trading accounts with all major manufactures. Our customer contracts are tailored to meet your specific requirements; this has many benefits including cost savings and simplified administration. We have a team of highly skilled engineers and the equipment in our care is maintained to the highest standards.

If you require any further information or customer references please don't hesitate to contact us.


Colin, DJB Labcare.

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